How to succeed with TikTok - Get more followers quickly

Advertising for the Tik Tok app is everywhere: we'll show you how to quickly get more likes & followers for your clips - The Ultimate TikTok Guide!

TikTok is a social media platform for creative content creators with a focus on music and dance. But even small skits, short tutorials, and acrobatic tricks find a place here. Everything is recorded directly in the app and playfully edited easily.

It's a lot of fun to browse through countless clips on TikTok and it's even more fun to be active on TikTok. Due to the short video length, you can create incredibly entertaining videos in comparatively little time.

But these little masterpieces also want to be seen, commented and shared!

So what do you have to do to succeed on TikTok? Grab your popcorn and make yourself comfortable, because it starts right.

Before you start

It's best to think about what you personally enjoy the most, before the very first step. On which topic would most ideas come to you? What do you want to make clips from? Is your passion dancing? Do you like to show yourself in cosplay? Do you have great ideas for lip syncing? Is it easy for you to put funny ideas on lyrics? Do you like to do fast gags? Just get a bit in and you'll soon find something that will be YOUR strength for great clips.

All beginning is easy!

Of course, to get started, you first have to download and install the app from the official Appstore or Play store. Once that's done, you open the app. Already you will be greeted with a video clip and have the opportunity with the swiping up to you to watch more clips. But we are not here today! The profile icon at the bottom right is more of interest, tap it. On the following page, you have the opportunity to register via e-mail address, mobile phone number or one of your social media accounts. The data you need to enter when registering includes your date of birth, e-mail address OR phone number, your desired password, and a small captcha test (you know, these "puzzles" proving you're one Man) you have made it! Now you are the proud owner of a TikTok account.

An appealing profile for the good impression

Sooner or later, one of your viewers will "get lost" in your profile. Why?

Quite simply, your future fan wants to know what else you've done for videos and maybe wants to know a bit more about you. So that you can turn a potential fan into a real fan, your profile should look the same.

The very first impression that the viewers of your clips get is about the combination of name and profile picture. Take enough time to come up with a suitable name and refrain from combinations of letters, special characters and numbers such as ^ R1 € KR0 | L ^ or similar. You want to stay in the memory, or could you even say out of your head how exactly you would write our example? Do you see? Note the difference between "Display Name" and "Username". The "Display Name" can be changed as many times as you like. Your name is at the top of your profile. The "username" is the name provided with an @. This can only be changed every 30 days and it is important that other users can link to you. So much for the names.

Your profile photo actually gives you a lot of freedom, but overall it should fit with your content. Are you doing silly videos? Then make a silly photo with a grimace! Are you doing cool dance choreographies? Then a grimace would fit less. A better choice would be, for example, a photo with a, particularly strong dance pose.

Good, name and photo are available - now we come to the finer details of your profile page to speak. First, the column "Bio", so biography. There you can write everything about yourself what you want. Are there any facts worth knowing that you want to share? Off to the bio! You just want to say hello or tell a joke? Good as well. It just has to fit the overall picture. The important thing here is that you do not beg for subscriptions, etc., that is absolutely not good!

However, how you can get subscriptions - on other social media platforms - is by using the linking function. There you can easily connect your Instagram and YouTube accounts with TikTok. Just click on "Add your Instagram" or "Add your YouTube". A window pops up where you log in to the respective platform and then confirm that you want to connect your accounts. Do not worry, TikTok can use this information, but does not get the access data. You only allow TikTok to integrate your profile and enable features like "share".

The optimal experience

Unlike platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, where image quality is extremely important, TikTok does not mean you have to pay much attention to it. But this is also due to the image compression of TikTok, so the saving of file sizes. Nonetheless, it is never wrong to shoot with the best possible camera! Maybe you borrow from your family or your circle of friends for a few clips a smartphone?

What should be correct in any case, is the sound. Choose your background music wisely to create the most coherent overall picture! If you want to use your own sound, it's best to use an external hand-held microphone, as most built-in microphones are anything but good.

Rotate clips. Many clips

It may not be possible for you to upload a new clip every day, but you should try to produce content as often as possible. After all, TikTok is a gigantic platform where it is not easy to be seen. With a steady barrage of great clips, you increase your chances to be seen. The positive side effect here is that potential fans who are just looking at your profile instead of following it directly from the clip can directly see that it's worth your while to follow you. In this way you will not be forgotten and who knows, maybe the next clip of you is already the next viral hit?

Be creative and unique

Let's face it, on TikTok you'll see the same video sooner or later, just done by other people and a little bit different. This is potentially not bad. So to say.

It's certainly not wrong to be inspired by a video and the idea of missing your own touch, but ultimately an original remains an original. As mentioned above, you want to stand out from the mass of clips, and you can do that especially because your videos are unique. If you follow an existing idea, do not just turn it upside down. Make something special out of it! For example, you could put it on by making a group dance number from a single choreography or parodying a trend. Let's come up with something and do something that others have not done yet!

Use hashtags!

What used to be called rhombus is today the hashtag. This binds and marks tags easily in order to make own posts more discoverable. Hashtags are especially popular on Twitter and Instagram, but also on YouTube, they have slowly but surely found their way into the game.

Hashtags are also big on TikTok. Since the clip display is generally more random and less random, you can use hashtags to make viewers stumble across your video. For example, if you like the keyword "baby animals," sooner or later, tap #Tierbabies for a post. If you have your own matching post tagged with the same hashtag, viewers will sooner or later encounter your video.

With hashtags, you can also give wonderful little information! For example, you could use #freetoduet to make it visible to everyone that you are welcome to use your clip for a duet - more on the topic in a little while ?

Through hashtags, you can also learn about challenges or other trends and join them

connect to your own spin.

In general, it is never wrong to take a look at the hashtags. Which videos are currently in vogue and which hashtags do they use? A bit of analysis can quickly help you get a little closer to the trend.

Never be silent!

Do not worry, we do not want you to talk like a waterfall or scream hysterically in any video. But you could certainly get fans with it. What we are aiming for:

Interact with the users! Leave great comments on other clips. What are the great comments? They should be noticeable and useful! Nobody just wants to read "lol" or "boring", but they really appreciate the praise and helpful and constructive criticism. Just avoid advertising for your own videos, because if you find your comments nice or helpful, you'll also like to see who's behind the comment. We did the test ourselves. With our test account, we could not reach a visitor for days, despite several videos and ordinary hashtags. But hardly, that we have actively contributed to the community, the first people have dared to our profile. Most helpful for your growth is to specifically comment on videos that fit your own style - this will help you find a fan that likes your work more quickly.

What also makes wonderful use is the direct message. On the profiles of other TikTok users, you can also send them a direct message, which shows up with the icon of a letter. However, you have to keep in mind that not all accounts have activated this function, you will see that at the latest when you receive an error message. If you let it go, just say hello or just ask if you would like to have a video together! But be always friendly and not just plump advertising. But why only get active on TikTok? Tell your fans and followers on other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Call your fans to follow you and post regularly your latest clips on your other social media accounts. You can do this, for example, via the connection function of TikTok or simply via the "Share" button. People should know about you, so you have to get the ball rolling!

Use TikTok's Tools for Collaboration!

One hand washes the other as you say so nicely and this saying has a true core. In addition to the duet function, TikTok also offers a feature that was first seen on YouTube and can still be seen as a popular YouTube format today: Reactions. Previously, one could even post a video response to clips on YouTube itself, so that the Content Creator itself was also informed - almost a video commentary that runs on its own channel. Today, there are more or less still in the form of reaction videos. These often have titles like "My reaction to this years E3" or "Max Mustermann reacts to Maxine Musterfraus Video". Such videos almost work on a meta-level, because you look at people watching a video and reacting to it and expressing their opinions.

As I said, TikTok itself has a function for such formats. With this, you can create your own Reaction clips on cool stunts or completely missed videos and share. The benefit to your growth is that the fans of the original clip can find you and become your fans when you entertain them. Especially for clips from the trends, this is a very helpful way to grow your own number of fans. Unfortunately, this feature is overlooked quickly, but once you know it, it's not a problem and we'll take a closer look.

Now to the addressed duet function.

Despite the otherwise very simple interface of TikTok, the duet function is a bit hidden. This can be found in clips that allow it (some people do not want that and turn it off in the privacy settings) in the "share" or sub-function. This is the symbol with the 3 connected points. There you will find the functions that are important to you in the lower row

"Duet" and "reaction"! If you choose a duet, the process of making a clip is the same as the normal Tiktok creation function. So it's not hard to make a duet at all, you just have to see it once. You can be creative and play, for example, with the layout of the screen or pretend that your duet partner from a distance can influence your space. If in doubt, just get some inspiration from the "For You Page". As with normal TikTok clips, here too, appropriate hashtags are extremely important so that your video can also be found. Hashtags that are always popular are Boy, Girl, Feature or Talent.

What can be achieved in terms of the duet function even more range, it is to create a video on the other should make a duet. This works especially well with songs that have multiple voices or with clips where you play with the screen border. Examples would be to pull the potential duet partner through the screen, to push or kiss him. There are whole Duettketten, in which more than 5 TikTok user participate. With the right idea, your name and face will quickly get you around!

Trends and hype

While we preach again and again that the key to success is uniqueness, as a promotional tool, trends, challenges, and other hyped topics are really practical. The corresponding hashtags make the big round and for a while, the viewers also want to see more of it - at some point, the trend is out of date. If you want to stand out from the crowd, it is important that you do not ONLY trends but now and then publish a cool video to a hype.

Keep in mind that as always you find your own spin on the topic and do not just shoot the same video that millions of other users have done before you. Otherwise, you will be wiped away very quickly - Swipe up and goodbye.

The golden rule, in our experience, is that you should mainly create and publish your clips, but always keep track of which trends are currently big. If you think about a really good idea and implement it, you will remain surprisingly competitive!

Holidays and other specialties

Similar to the trends and the hype, the different seasons and holidays, as well as other special events - the release of a big movie, game, etc. - offer a great opportunity to hit the nerve of time. Outside lies colorful autumn leaves? Do something with it? Does the first snowfall? Let's come up with something surprising, such as a dance as a snowman or even a dance battle between Santa Claus and Easter Bunny. Special moments in the year are a nice change for your normal content and usually always on the front, where you can gain the most traffic. Try this once, Christmas is only once a year.

Our conclusion

We have used these tips ourselves and regularly publish TikTok clips under these guidelines and can only recommend starting directly with these tips. Often we can update our notification page every second and keep seeing new likes and comments. That motivates and is fun and above all it shows that we do not just show you empty-handed theory, but that every piece of advice from this article comes from practice.

We hope you enjoy your career on TikTok and hope to see your next big viral hit soon.

Good luck and have fun with TikTok!

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